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BGA Studio
(for web developers)

• You are a web developer fluent in server side (PHP, SQL) and client side (HTML, Javascript) languages

So this presentation looks easy and fun to you.

• You want full access to the BGA development stack to develop complex games (but we still advise you to start with something simple for your first game!)

Check the documentation and tutorials to get started!

BGA Sandbox
(for everyone)

• You want to set your game material on a virtual table with an easy to use "Powerpoint for Board Games" tool, and play with it immediately

Start the Sandbox and build your interface now!

• You have some development experience allowing you to use a simple scripting language to implement the rules

Check the documentation for scripting the rules!

What is BGA Studio?

Getting started

4 slideshare presentations to get ready to use BGA Studio in 30 minutes:

Reference Documentation

This page comes from BGA wiki, and has been written by BGA players community. Feel free to edit it!

What is Board Game Arena Studio?

Board Game Arena Studio is a platform to build online board game adaptations using the Board Game Arena platform.

It is open to any gamer with software development skills :)

BGA Studio website: http://en.studio.boardgamearena.com

Original announcement on BGA forum: http://forum.boardgamearena.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1973

Discover BGA Studio in 5 presentations

Why, how, what... to start discovering BGA Studio, we prepared 5 "powerpoint" presentations for you:

How to join the BGA developer team?

Please see this page: How to join BGA developer team?

Great, I'm in! ... How should I start?

If you didn't already, check the presentations at the top of this page to get the basics.

Then, you should checkout the First steps with BGA Studio to make sure that runs fine.

After that, we strongly advise you to take one of these game creation tutorials:

Then start editing files and see what happens! ;)

Once you done with tutorials, you can start a real game (or join existing project)

If you have any questions, please check out the Studio FAQ first, then if you didn't find the answer you were looking for, please post your question on the development forum.

BGA Studio documentation

BGA Studio Framework reference

This part of the documentation focuses on the development framework itself: functions and methods available to build your game.

File structure of a BGA game

Game logic (Server side)

Game interface (Client side)

Other components

BGA Studio game components reference

Game components are useful tools you can use in your game adaptations.

  • Deck: a PHP component to manage cards (deck, hands, picking cards, moving cards, shuffle deck, ...).
  • Counter: a JS component to manage a counter that can increase/decrease (ex: player's score).
  • Scrollmap: a JS component to manage a scrollable game area (useful when the game area can be infinite. Examples: Saboteur or Takenoko games).
  • Stock: a JS component to manage and display a set of game elements displayed at a position.
  • Zone: a JS component to manage a zone of the board where several game elements can come and leave, but should be well displayed together (See for example: token's places at Can't Stop).

Undocumented component (if somebody knows please help with docs)

  • Draggable: a JS component to manage drag'n'drop actions.
  • ExpandableSection: a JS component to manage a rectangular block of HTML than can be displayed/hidden.
  • Wrapper: a JS component to wrap a <div> element around its child, even if these elements are absolute positioned.

BGA Studio user guide

This part of the documentation is a user guide for the BGA Studio online development environment.


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Important: we need your REAL name to attribute your work on the Studio & to send you stuff by Post when needed.

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Develop AI code to host BGA Robot

Hi everybody,

I see there is a functionality on BGA to summon the IA nicknamed "BGA Robot" at Can't Stop.

I am curious, say I have developed the game X. Is there a way to write a piece of code dedicated on actions that an AI would take? And this way make my game X available to invite the BGA Robot to play with me/us?

If it is possible, I assume it is like writing the zombie dedicated functions, but adding a true AI logic more or less complete (just instead of making a zombie which generally sole action is to pass). The key difference is that it would not only be called when a player leaves the game. Put differently, it would be developing the behaviour of BGA Robot for this game.

Does the framework permit that? (I have not checked the code for Can't Stop yet to see if this is allowed and implemented at this level)

My question is not about the way to effectively write that AI, this is up to the developer and his skill, I was just wondering on how connect this to the framework to make that functionality available (even if the AI I would create is totally nuts...).

Thanks :)

02/11/2020 Comment on this.

multipleactiveplayer & restoreServerGameState - client side

I'm noticing some unexpected behaviour client-side during multiactiveplayer states. I'm using this.restoreServerGameState() to cancel client-side states. However, whenever I use it the client seems to think the player is not one of the 'active' multiple players.

I notice that both onEnteringState() & last_server_state do not have 'multiactive' array populated after transitioning to a multiactiveplayer state. But if I refresh the page 'multiactive' array is populated and restoreServerGameState() works as expected. I'm not sure if its related.

am using this method incorrectly? is there an alternative?

02/09/2020 3 comments

creating a table: onUpdateActionButtons

A bug report has been raised against my game:

The weird thing is, that the game hasn't even started, they are waiting in the auto-mode lobby. Every 1 second the message appears. It comes from the JS onUpdateActionButtons(): being called with 'stateName=gameSetup' as a parameter.

why is the onUpdateActionButtons() function being called every second before the game has begun?
02/04/2020 1 comment

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